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When it’s really bad, I guess it’s not that bad
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I hate summer.
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Why don’t you stop by and take a look around, it would completely make my day ☺

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Winter Beach

Restless mind
Restless nights
Dreamless state
Fear of heights

Cold summer day
Silent breeze
Golden middle
Social tease

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i’m such a shitty friend and i act like i’ll be a good friend and i’m like oh i’m here for you but then i’m tired all the time and i don’t text back and i might not even say hi to you if i see you because i don’t like socially interacting and everyone annoys me and i’m so sorry


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I’m getting a little annoyed of that grumpy cat. I think his owner is exploiting him for fame.

That is all.

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I don’t know which one I like better hehe
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I need to start posting more music again!

I’d also love it if you guys took a little detour on you tumbling to take a look at the music that IS on my blog right now

by clicking right here!

Love, Anthony

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Responsibility is just the darnedest thing

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Everything I’ve ever hid from myself, my depressing life’s work, is finally being found.

There’s no time to dwell.
No time for mistakes.
There’s just no time at all… while being given all the time in the world.

There’s only selflessness.

I am not fox.

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How is it possible that nobody likes cookie dough ice cream in this house but me??

I mean, I’m sure as hell not complaining. Better for me as a matter of fact

But seriously, how can you not like cookie dough ice cream!

It just doesn’t make any sense to me!

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I attempted to change my theme!

which turned out to be a complete waste of time because I didn’t like any of the themes I was considering changing it to..

and i wasted about an hour in doing so

yay me

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It seems like the only blogs that follow me are music blogs of bands that are just trying to get their name out there.

Not actual people who enjoy my posts or would pay any attention to the posts I make at all.

I’m a sad puppy.

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I feel like I haven’t slept in days and yet, here I am!

Where has my life gone off to this time…

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I’ve had a tumblr for a long time.

and I’m starting to think that the people who’ve been following me all these years..

well.. I have a feeling a lot of my followers don’t actually get on tumblr anymore

so my guess is

only a small portion of my followers actually still use tumblr

so in reality, I don’t have as many followers as it appears